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Dear immigrant mother!

Would you like to make friends with a Finnish speaking woman?

Maybe you want to go shopping, go for a walk or spend time in parks with your Finnish speaking friend. Children are welcome to join the activities! Through MLL Satakunta District you can get to know a Finnish speaking woman.

Why is ”Friend for an immigrant mum” work important?

In particular, immigrant mums who are caring for their children at home are easily left out, as they lack a common network and are often unable to attend language courses. All mothers are not given information about playground activities and family cafes for example, by the antinatal clinic. Those who receive this information may have a difficulty in going alone to the playground or other local activity aimed at families with children.

Learning the language in a new country is difficult if the mother has no one to practice speaking it with. Also other regular activities , like going shopping, may be difficult without sufficient language skills. How can you find the right product if you don’t have Finnish language skills?

It is possible to take part in this work with your child, as the purpose is to meet the new friend in everyday activities e.g. playgrounds, walks together, shopping or in one or other’s home.

What kind of training do the Finnish speaking volunteers get?

MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare), Satakunta District, offers Finnish speaking volunteers intorduction training. To all friend pairs and children, there will be get-togethers in different cities. Each friendship begins with a meeting where the immigrant mum, volunteer and MLL coordinator are present.

Apply for a volunteer friend in the application below and we will contact you!

Apply for a Finnish friend


All of the information above will only be used to find the most suitable volunteer.